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Hayes McNeill & Partners Ltd.

Hayes McNeill & Partners Ltd. has been operating as a full service insolvency firm since 1972. With our substantial experience in the insolvency field we are able to provide a wide range of professional solutions to your problems. Our free confidential initial consultation will assist you in determining the proper alternative given your present financial situation.

We will explain all the options available to you to ensure you understand them clearly. You may have other alternatives available to you other than bankruptcy. However, even if bankruptcy is the only way for you to get a fresh start, it is important for you to understand your rights as well as your obligations.

Over the years we have seen the overwhelming stress that financial difficulty can inflict, including constant harassment by creditors at home and at work. Problems like this, if neglected, often affect a person’s work and most regrettably cause severe hardship on families.

Put your mind at ease and contact us to receive the information you require.

There is no obligation and everything will be treated in the strictest confidence.