Find A Licensed Insolvency Trustee (Bankruptcy Trustee)

Find a Licensed Insolvency TrusteeWe have a list of licensed trustees in every province and territory in Canada. In some areas you can file bankruptcy over the phone or online. Each bankruptcy  trustee listed here will give you a free and confidential consultation to discuss all of the debt options available to you.

There is no risk or cost to speak with one of the licensed insolvency trustees / bankruptcy trustees listed on Bankruptcy Canada. Each trustee offers a free and private consultation meeting. Your information is protected and the Trustee will treat you in a caring and respectful manner.

You are under no obligation and contacting a licensed Trustee in your area can be your first step to get out of debt.

Trustees by Province:


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island



Trustees by City:

AB: Calgary  I  Edmonton  I  Lethbridge  I  Red Deer

BC: Kamloops  I  Kelowna  I  Nanaimo  I  Vancouver  I  Victoria

MB: Winnipeg

NB: Moncton

NS: Halifax

ON: Barrie  I  Brampton  I  Hamilton  I  London  I  Mississauga  I

Oakville  I  Oshawa  I  Ottawa  I  Windsor

QC: Montreal

SK: Regina

Working With a Trustee Near You

A bankruptcy trustee, know professionally known as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) are the only financial experts that are fully licensed by the Canadian government. We have offices in large cities and small towns in every province. People from the territories can complete their bankruptcy online / over the phone by contacting a Trustee in Edmonton (NWT and Nunavut) or Vancouver (Yukon). You can locate a Trustee closest to you by selecting your province / city or, if you prefer, you can request our team to contact you for a free consultation by completing our short online evaluation form.

All Trustees are Licensed & Regulated

All of the LITs (Licensed Insolvency Trustees) in Canada are regulated and licensed by the government. Each Trustee listed with Bankruptcy Canada has a Trustee License and a University degree.

All Trustees must also undergo ongoing professional development. In order to get a Trustee license, a person must complete the CIRP Qualification Program, the Insolvency Counsellor’s Qualification Course, the CNIE exam, an oral exam and be investigated by the RCMP.

There is No Risk to Speak With a Bankruptcy Canada Trustee

All Trustees have a professional code of ethics they must follow at all times. The code is meant to protect you.

You can speak with any of the Trustees on Bankruptcy Canada for a free and no obligation evaluation of your debt relief options. The meeting with the Trustee is private and confidential and you are under no pressure from the Trustee. In fact, as part of their ethics, a Trustee must inform you when you can avoid bankruptcy.

The purpose of the consultation meeting with a Trustee is to give the Trustee a full understanding of your financial problems. This will allow the Trustee to give you the solution on how to get out of debt.

If you decide you would like to go ahead with filing for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal the Trustee will guide you through the process. Both bankruptcy and a consumer proposal gives you immediate protection from your creditors.