Bankruptcy Manitoba: Speak to a Trustee
About Bankruptcy in Manitoba

For individuals from Manitoba who are struggling with debt Manitoba bankruptcy can be an easy and quick way to get out of debt although the decision to file bankruptcy in Manitoba can be overwhelming without the right advice and guidance from a bankruptcy professional. This is why the bankruptcy trustees on this page offer you a free and no risk evaluation meeting so you can discuss your debt situation with an experienced insolvency professional.

Trustees Serving Manitoba Communities

Bankruptcy Brandon Trustee

MNP LimitedTrustee: MNP Limited

1401 Princess Ave, Brandon, MB, R7A 7L7 Map

Phone: 1-888-416-2892

Free Evaluation: Brandon Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy Deloraine Trustee

MNP LimitedTrustee: MNP Limited

130 Broadway Street North, Box 528, Deloraine, MB, R0M 0M0 Map

Phone: 204-272-0285

Free Evaluation: Deloraine Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy Killarney Trustee

MNP LimitedTrustee: MNP Limited

501 Broadway, Box 550, Killarney, MB, R0K 1G0 Map

Phone: 204-800-1634

Free Evaluation: Killarney Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy Neepawa Trustee

MNP LimitedTrustee: MNP Limited

251 Davidson Street, Box 760, Neepawa, MB, R0J 1H0 Map

Phone: 204-800-1635

Free Evaluation: Neepawa Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy Portage La Prairie Trustee

MNP LimitedTrustee: MNP Limited

780 Saskatchewan Ave. W., Portage la Prairie, MB, R1N 0M7 Map

Phone: 1-888-416-2892

Free Evaluation: Portage La Prairie Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy Souris Trustee

MNP LimitedTrustee: MNP Limited

Box 927, 25 Crescent Ave W, Souris, MB, R0K 2C0 Map

Phone: 204-800-1636

Free Evaluation: Souris Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy Steinbach Trustee

MNP LimitedTrustee: MNP Limited

100 – 250 Main Street, Steinbach, MB, R5G 1Y8 Map

Phone: 1-888-501-3963

Free Evaluation: Steinbach Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy Virden Trustee

MNP LimitedTrustee: MNP Limited

PO Box 670, 590 Seventh Avenue S., Virden, MB, R0M 2CO Map

Phone: 204-800-2704

Free Evaluation: Virden Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy Winnipeg Trustee

LCTaylorTrustee: LCTaylor

702 – 310 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 0S6 Map

Phone: 1-888-403-8370

Free Evaluation: Winnipeg Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy ManitobaAll Licensed Insolvency Trustees (the official name for bankruptcy trustees) are licensed by
the government of Canada and are happy to answer your questions and help explain all of your
options during a confidential evaluation. You can contact your local trustee directly during normal business hours or you can be matched with an expert Manitoba bankruptcy trustee that can serve you by filling out our online bankruptcy form or calling Bankruptcy Canada’s 24 hour support number.

Most people only consider bankruptcy as a last resort and due to misinformation or myths they have heard they might delay speaking with a trustee. However, your trustee can help you explore alternatives to bankruptcy and are ethically required to explain bankruptcy alternatives that could be the right choice for you so you can feel comfortable with the advice you receive from a insolvency trustee.

The laws regulating Manitoba bankruptcy can be complicated so you must speak with a trustee in bankruptcy before making any decisions relating to your debt and future financial life.

We will be happy to answer your questions on Bankruptcy Manitoba and MB bankruptcy law and arrange a convenient evaluation meeting that is confidential and carries with it no obligation to proceed with the trustee’s services.

We know that financial problems can occur for many reasons and our trustees have the experience and knowledge to help you sort out any financial problem. There are solutions for all debt problems regardless of how serious they seem. Most debtors who go bankrupt or make a proposal with one of our trustees are able to keep all of their assets and can rebuild their credit and start saving for a secure future. The first step for getting your finances under control involves speaking with a local trustee to have your debts assessed by a local professional.’s bankruptcy trustees in Manitoba are friendly professionals who will help you find the solution to your debt problems whether bankruptcy, credit counselling or a consumer proposal. We offer free, confidential, no obligation evaluation consultations to help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you.

When you contact one of our listed Manitoba bankruptcy trustees you can speak with a licensed bankruptcy professional in your area who can answer your questions or if you prefer you can send us a message through our online evaluation form or by calling our toll free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.