About Bankruptcy Canada

We have been Online since 2002 helping individuals and business owners find a licensed trustee in their area to help them solve their money problems.

About Bankruptcy CanadaIf debt has become overwhelming and stressful or is causing problems in your life and relationships you have come to the right place. We have proudly been offering free bankruptcy help and consumer proposal information since 2002.

Bankruptcy Canada Provides Free & Confidential Bankruptcy & Proposal Information & Tools

We provide accurate information on bankruptcy and consumer proposals and always update our site regularly to ensure the information is always up to date and relevant. Bankruptcy Canada is operated by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and all content is checked for accuracy and up to date information.

Bankruptcy Canada Provides Trustees Across the Country

While we are not a bankruptcy firm we are partnered with some of the best Licensed Insolvency Trustees in every province; individuals from the territories can contact in a Trustee in the nearest province and complete their bankruptcy over the phone / online.

Together all of our Trustees cover over 400 locations in Canada. In most cases we will have a Trustee in your local area. If you live over 100 km from a Trustee office you can complete the process on the phone and online.

Our site provides comprehensive bankruptcy information and information on consumer proposals. Our team of Trustees will also provide a free consultation so you can ask your bankruptcy questions and get a review of your financial situation so you can get the pros and cons of each debt relief option that is available to you. A Trustee can help you with more than just bankruptcy; a Trustee can help you make a consumer proposal and provides a full range of other debt relief options as well.

We provide resources and calculators to help you analyze your situation. When you are ready you can contact a local trustee for a free evaluation of your situation.